Mittel - Europa

I didn't write a trip report for this one, but I do have some pictures to post.

First stop Budapest:

The twin cities of Buda and Pest face each other across the Danube.  This is from Buda looking towards Pest.

                                                                    the State Opera House                                                                       St. Stephan's Cathedral


the commie-era statues have been gathered in a park

a bit upriver at Estergom is the Basilica, the third largest church in Europe

Then to Bratislava, the second city of Czechoslovakia and now the capital of independent Slovakia:


Then, Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic:

the ossuary at Kutna Hora contains 40,000 sets of human bones artistically arranged

                                                the family crest                                                                                   the family

To Poland:

Krakow the seat of the Polish monarchy

Not far away is the town of Oswiecim, which the Germans called Auschwitz.  Military barracks were converted into a concentration camp for political prisoners.

Birkenau, five miles away, was the largest of the extermination camps

Trip date: July 1999